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The WTIA Logistics Solution – the WLOG Platform provides a simpler, better solution that is secure, transparent and resolves many of the bottlenecks that plague the current logistics industry. On the WLOG Platform, whenever a Buyer makes an order with a Seller, a smart contract based on the agreed conditions are made on the WTIA Blockchain. The Buyer then purchases WLOG Tokens for the settlement of the trade order and the WLOG Tokens are locked in the wallet until the completion of the trade. Once the required amount of WLOG tokens are locked in the wallet, the order is given to begin production with the manufacturer and the purchase order is recorded in the WTIA blockchain. Once the products are manufactured, they are shipped to the terminal or port and external inspectors perform quality and origin verification. The external inspectors will verify the origin and quality on the blockchain and it is recorded. After that, the product is loaded on the ship and external inspectors verify quantity and loading and record it on the blockchain. The product is then shipped to the buyer and verified by a Bill of Lading or GPS Certification. The WLOG tokens are then released to the seller automatically or manually by the buyer depending on the conditions of the contract. The WLOG Platform is the first application of the WTIA Network, connecting sovereign projects with real-world business applications.

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Over the past four (4) years, aggressive exploration activities have been carried out in the concession, and Cobalt and Copper occurs as a major mineral with possibilities of Zinc, Nickel, and Gold as secondary minerals. When underground mineral resource is mined out of the Mining Concession, it is sold to major smelters and buyers of Cobalt and Copper arranged by WTIA and the bulk of the proceeds from the sale of cobalt and copper will be divided by the total token supply of the WLOG token. Proceeds from the token sale event will go towards the purchase of equipment, the development of the mine, and managing and market the cobalt and copper. The project will harness blockchain technology, smart contracts, and immutable records to achieve greater transparency and efficiency in the mining and supply chain process. Blockchain-managed security tokens will also provide great er transparency for the investors, allowing them to be updated with the sales of copper and distributing the proceeds using smart contracts. The local community will also benefit from job creation and investment into the country’s infrastructure and the development of public sector projects such as providing clean drinking water, schools, hospitals, and transport infrastructure works such as rail and road networks.

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cocogo2 diagram.jpg
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Meet The Team

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Amir Dossal is the Founder and President of the Global Partnerships Forum to provide changemakers with tools to build innovative partnerships for the SDGs.

Amir is co-founder of the Pearl Initiative, and the Ocean Sanctuary Alliance. He is a co-founded the Blockchain Commission for Sustainable Development and serves as Executive Vice Chairman.

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Khalfan Saeed al Mazrouei began his career in 1978 with the UAE Ministry of Agriculture where he became Section Head for loan disbursements. In 1981 he joined the Ministr y of Informa tion and w as soon appointed as General Manager for Abu Dhabi Radio. 

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Toukabri Riadh began his career as Assistant General Manager at SOGECO Group in Tunisia from which he then worked at T.M.A EST JEDDAH K.S.A. for 8 years. He currently works at Raalma Group Jeddah K.S.A as General Manager and Vice President and also as Special Advisor and Business Manager for H.R. H Prince Mansour B. Mugrin B Abdul Aziz since 2002 as well as performing the role of Executive Director and Vice President at A. Ideal Holding, Jeddah K.S.A.



MS Kaycee Kim has the operational ability to combine leading IT-based expertise with local experience, as well as the ability to create value and transform digital through collaboration with cutting-edge technologies, media, telecommunications and investment that can help global growth. He is a business consultant who maintains continuous relationships with global partners for important information and analysis, transactions, investments, finance, and the global technology community, and is currently the President & CEO of Al Hermas Group Korea, WTIA, SMFI and WCT. 



Keun Young Kim is currently the Senior Advisor and Agent of Al Hermas Global Group (Saudi) and Chairman of Al Hermas Group Korea, and W Consulting Trade. He is also Ambassador Extraordinaire and Plenipotentiary of the Tunisia Economic City and Chairman at WTIA Co., Ltd.




Sung Mun Kim is the largest major shareholder and chairman of the startup investment firm NBJ Holding and vice-chair man of the Kosdaq listed company Leechem and the largest shareholder and chairman of the Mealtop in partnership with Hyundai department store more than 33 years.

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