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WTIA Group promotes cooperation on resource development in Afghanistan

Reporter nameReporter Lee Dong-hoon

Enter 2021.04.27 08:47 Edited 2021.04.27 08:58

(Seoul Ilbo / Correspondent Lee Dong-hoon) Afghan Ambassador to Korea HE Abdul Hakim Atarud and WTIA Group executives met with the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the 15th and Afghanistan in Korea on the 23rd to establish a cooperative relationship in trade, internet infrastructure business and resource development between the two countries. The embassy held two in-depth discussions. The Afghan ambassador and embassy staff, WTIA executives, K-Biz head, and Dr. Kim Moon-ho of the KMH Peace Foundation were in attendance.

The business contents discussed were divided into short, medium, and long-term plans. Included in this plan are the export or donation of Korea's excellent quarantine products related to Corona, and low-cost, portable, customized Internet solutions for the situation in Afghanistan, which lacks Internet infrastructure. This includes providing methods to provide, support for the development of a system for developing and trading resources, especially rare earths, processing and exporting Afghanistan's abundant fruit, marble, precious stones, cotton, saffron, etc., building factories therefor, and investment. has been In addition, an education system for manpower to support this and a hydrogen generation project to solve environmental problems are planned to be added in the future.

The Ambassador of Afghanistan to Korea said, “Our desire is to work closely with Korean companies in various fields such as WTIA who have the necessary knowledge and the potential to work in other countries.” said

Keun-Young Kim, Chairman of WTIA and SMFi Group, said, “I hope that peace and prosperity will come soon to the people of Afghanistan who have been paying a lot of attention to them for over 10 years. In addition, we will further revitalize the donation of quarantine products that we have been supporting, and put a lot of effort into exporting Korean products and K-Biz products.” said

K-Biz General Manager Kwon Young-woo said, “We will do our best to cooperate on import and export products, discover and introduce excellent and practical products of Korean SMEs, and export them to Afghanistan. A portion of the revenue will also be allocated to contributing to Afghanistan's reconstruction and children.” said

Dr. Moonho Kim, chairman of the KMH Peace Foundation, said, “Peace at our Peace Foundation does not simply mean the end of war, but rather that it has a system that includes economic development, good infrastructure, completion of an education system, and establishment of a social safety net. I think it means true peace. I hope that Afghanistan will find true peace as soon as possible.” said

It is expected that this deep consultation between the two countries will provide a new turning point for peace and prosperity to be established in Afghanistan.

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