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Establishment of an Innovative National Development Framework and Orientation of a New Development Strategy for DR Congo


WTIA will launch the WTIA Stable Token (WTIA$) that is backed directly by US dollar deposits in the future. It will be audited by a 3rd party daily to ensure that transparency and trust are maintained in the system. WTIA$ offers all the benefits of cryptocurrency’s speed, efficiency, and security without the inherent volatility of all other cryptocurrencies.
The WTIA Stable Token and Platform is built on the state of the art WTIA blockchain, providing unparalleled speed,
e.ciency and security. It will also be deployed within the WTIA Wallet system o.ering all the decentralization advantages
of cryptocurrency allowing nearing instant and low-cost payments to anyone, anywhere. By integrating into WTIA’s
exchange, users can invest directly into WTIA projects too.
WTIA comprises of an extensive network of projects all over the world, including several sovereign projects, all eager to
participate in the cryptocurrency revolution. Projects in the WTIA network will allow payment with WTIA$ through the
POS system and digital wallet managed by WTIA. Anyone with a WTIA wallet with WTIA$ credited in the wallet can use
WTIA$ to make payments online or in-person at WTIA merchants.
WTIA Dollar Plan Diagram.jpg
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